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Asset Management

Our goal is to be the premier asset management firm focusing on the financial institutions sector. The firm plans to grow organically by offering a range of alternative and traditional products focused on equity and fixed income securities to corporations, family funds, foundations and high net worth individuals. 

The financial industry is a complex world in which the timing and quality of information is pivotal to making profitable investment decisions. To align client's investment objectives with the movement of the market requires a portfolio manager who is flexible and responsive.

Silver Hill Asset Management believes that planning for financial success includes applying core investment principles — portfolio diversification, risk management and disciplined long-term investing.

Our team takes a disciplined approach to investing, using a rigorous research process to find the highest quality investments to meet clients’ needs. Our managers use sophisticated diversification and asset allocation strategies to help clients plan for long term investment success.

​1. Analyze your current position
2. Plan a diversified portfolio based on your needs
3. Formalize the Investment Policy
4. Implement Strategy
5. Monitor and supervise your portfolio